Friday, August 27, 2010

swap update!

One of my postcards, that will be swapped out!
Just a note to let you know that I have received all of the packages for the alpha stamps garden variety swap - except for one, which I expect to be in my mailbox tomorrow! We only had one participant who had to drop out because a family illness continued to interfere with a trip to the post office. So sorry, Karen! But that means when the last package arrives tomorrow, we will have a swap completion rate of 49 out of 50 participants. Can you believe that? I am astounded, and so proud of you all - wow. Way to go!

I have all the packages that are here scanned, and now I am just resizing and labeling them. I will be uploading some of them to the blog later tonight after we visit my mom & dad. After the last package arrives tomorrow I will need to choose a couple of winners - for the most creative postcards and also for the most creative ATC. This will not be easy!!! Please wish me luck. If you have any favorites swap entries, you are welcome to leave a comment to this post.

Then the swapping -- eeek! It is a good thing I am laughing while I type and not crying! I'll start on paper and probably do them in bunches. There is no way I could load 49 packages on the tiny post office counter in Cortez, Florida!  ; ^ )  Again, wish me luck, I do not think I have ever hosted a swap this large. Please let me know if you have any favorites by leaving me a comment (click on comments below) and I will keep in touch about the swap and be back with more uploads!


RuffHaven said...

I really like Sabine's postcards. Especially the one with the dragonfly.
All of the postcards you received are beautiful, but hers stand out in a very unique way.I like how she added the garden gates to her cards.
You have a very tough decision to make in choosing a winner.

donnajean said...

I love Sabina Schneider's - the way they open is so wonderful!

Diane D. said...

I do love Christine Carino's rose post card, just beautiful. But having said that all are wonderful. We have an amazing array of talented women out there. Congrats to all of you.


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