Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cindy McMath: Vintage Note Card swap!

wheee! Lovely cards from Cindy McMath in Canada have arrived! Cindy works closely with ARTchix Studio which is located in her home town. If you are not familiar with this company go check out the link, ooh la la! So, I was not surprised and actually very delighted to see these romantic ARTchix Studio images on Cindy's cards. Take a look -click on any photo for more detail.

Similar design, but each card is a bit different - all beautiful! 

The colorful butterflies are a perfect touch!

Cindy is using her signature Bingo cards & it looks great.

Cindy enclosed an ATC for me!
(for the first swap of 2011)

My envelope was delightful with flowers . . .
and the ArTchix girl sporting an umbrella over her head : )
I love the Tissue Tape too... thank you!

Thanks so much for the ATC and the extra card for me, Cindy!! Please visit Cindy at Pink Bird Studio. She always has interesting and beautiful projects going on. Thanks for another great effort for Creative Swaps, Cindy!


Cindy McMath said...

Lenna, I'm glad my cards arrived on time! I did them so early, but mailed them pretty late. I really thought I would get another set, but it just didn't happen. As you can see from my blog I've been a busy girl! Thanks so much for your kind words. The canvases are both 12" x 12" (before framing).

Cindy :)

Joanna said...

These are lush! Love the flower backgrounds.



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