Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Karen Owen: Vintage Note card swap!

Today, I received 3 gorgeous vintage card & envelope sets from Karen Owen who hails from Georgia, in a lovely handmade envelope for me. She also made me a beautiful, lacy tag as a thank you for hosting. So sweet!

Just lovely!

back of her cards - so nicely labeled

so cute! I love this vintage drawing.

a very beautiful card & envelope . . . 

my wonderful mail

Thank you, Karen!
It is super to have you in this swap!

Karen's blog is called: Karen's Muse and Musings and if you click on that link, you can read more about her cards and navigate around from there!


Cat said...

Karen does such gorgeous art, it is always so nicely composed & rich in color!

Nancy said...

Beautiful! And the hand-made envelopes.. love that touch.

Joanna said...

Such pretty cards. Beautiful colours.



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