Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Laura Hummel: Vintage Note card swap!

Laura Hummel in Maryland has sent in 3 wonderful vintage style note cards, inside an amazing mail ART envelope - shazaam! I love what Laura has done!! On a note inside Laura wrote, "As you can see I loved your folder idea and am now obsessed with mail art."  : ) There is a video at the bottom of this post that shows how to make theses types of envelopes, a great idea from artist Roben-Marie Smith!

Below is Laura's envelope that I found in my mailbox yesterday ; ^ D

the back -click for detail

I carefully cut it open where Laura sewed it to retrieve her note cards!

Laura's cards!

stamped envelopes 

back of one of the cards - a paper napkin!

Awesome, Laura! Thanks so much for sending early too. I never know what my mail man might bring these days, it is lovely! All note cards are due in my hands, february 26th. There are still a few spots and all the details are here. Looking forward to more!!! 


Joanna said...

Oh WOWEE! These are superb. FANTASTIC folder envelope too, what eye candy!


Linda said...

I love these! What a treat to find that package in your mailbox!


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