Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leslie Sowden: Vintage note card swap!

Leslie Sowden from California, sent an abundance of beautiful vintage note cards! She sent in two sets of 3 cards & envelopes, which is just fine -plus an extra card for me! So I've got 7 cards to share with you. Enjoy!

Many of Leslie's cards had inserts and little inclusions -perhaps a bit of lace of a snippet of the paper that was used on the card - really nice idea! 

Thank you so much, Leslie. Wonderful cards! 
To see more of Leslie's art please visit her blog: One Woman's Hands


Joanna said...

Leslie's cards are gorgeous! If I'm allowed to have a favourite, and they're all wonderful, it'd be the 3rd one down - it's simple but stunning.

Superb artwork!


Nancy said...

So pretty! And the image with the pig brings a smile.


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