Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cat Dodt-Ellis: Vintage note card swap!

From Idaho, beautiful cards and stamped envelopes by Cat Dodt-Ellis:
I love this card & envelope. Thank you so much Cat,
for making an extra card for me!!! xo

so soft and sweet! 

beautiful composition on this . . .

lovely, lovely vintage note cards! 

They are protected inside handmade wax paper envelopes!

Perfect! Cat put her email on the envelopes above. 

Cat's blog is called Catworx! If you click on that link it will take you right to her post with more info on these beautiful cards she made. She also wrote some very sweet things about my art swaps - thanks so much. Cat has been involved in art swaps of mine for many years -even the ones I ran before starting this blog dedicated to them. I will have to check my files sometime and see actually how many swaps I have run . . .  a lot I think! I obviously enjoy it.

I will try my best to keep up promptly with the remaining -maybe a dozen?- swaps I expect to receive by Feb 26th -final final day for receiving. I will make a note in the sidebar under 'Participants' when your packages arrive and upload them as as soon as I'm able. There are a number of things going on that are keeping me very busy now . . . number one is Artful pages - 4 artists 4 ways! This online class taught by 4 of us (me included) opens on Sunday, February 20th -in just a few days! If you've been thinking about it, I hope you can join us when the class opens. If not, please know you can join in later at anytime.

All my best, lenna


Nancy said...

The color accents in these are wonderful. Terrific cards!

Karen Owen said...

I love the romantic look of these cards. Cat is so talented. If there is a way, I'd love to receive one.

Joanna said...

These are so very sweet. Gorgeous cards.



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