Friday, February 11, 2011

more vintage note cards soon

I have received sets from Sue Emmerson, Lynda Roddy-Ozzauto and Leslie Sowden, who sent 2 sets! All of these note cards are fantastic and I am sure you want to see them. I am a little behind in uploading them as I am preparing for the Artful Pages - 4 Artists 4 Ways class. This class will open on February 20th! Plus I have some other art exchanges I am participating in that keep me busy, sheesh! Don't worry, I am not too overwhelmed - just busy and simply did not want you to worry. Especially those whose cards I have just received but not uploaded. I promise will get them all scanned and up on the blog as soon as I can! Thanks in advance for your understanding!!!! xo lenna
p.s. Two weeks now for the In MY Hands deadline. If you are overseas, please mail this weekend, or Monday!

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