Sunday, February 6, 2011

Julie Oman: Vintage note card swap!

Julie -aka Jewels, sent me a incredible package for this swap recently. Everything was protected and packaged beautifully. I had to carefully cut the bubble wrap open with scissors to even get the cards out! This was actually very smart of Jewels with the snow she has been having in Michigan and the rain we've had here. Everything arrived safe and dry, including a most wonderful gift of collage papers- thank you so much Jewels. With the weather it took an extra day or two but her cards are still here EARLY -whoo whoo!

notice the roller skates!
Click for more detail.
I love that Julie typed up info about her card
and slipped it inside each card - awesome idea!!

The back of these cards are beautiful!
They feature the photo on Jewel's blog.

Thank you so much, Jewels.
Really awesome work.
This is the first online swap for Jewels, too. She wrote, 
"Yes, Lenna this is my first ever swap via mail – I've only done ATC exchanges with some of my Guild members so this was all new for me. Thanks for your kind words. As I see all the cards coming in I am amazed at the different techniques and styles of the individuals who made them. They really ALL are super."

I could not agree more! Go to Julie's blog, Just Tickety-Boo to read more about how she created her cards. I just realized she titled her post, "Tales from a wanna be swapper" -sheesh!! Now I remember, this is quite a humorous post about making her cards, please check it out!! Hopefully the mail man will deliver more yummy packages tomorrow. You have 20 days to get yours delivered to me and I can't wait to see them!

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Joanna said...

I saw these notecards on Jewels' blog and loved them - I adore that roller skating couple, such fun!

I like how Jewels photocopied the fabric - what a simple and brilliant idea. I'll make a note to do that too.

Gorgeous notecards.



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