Saturday, May 24, 2008

Altered by Design ATC swap: Linda Garcia

From Linda Garcia in Albuquerque, NM . . . . I think Linda has participated in almost every swap I have hosted since . . . ? ? ? I am not sure, but a long time! I know she won't mind if I share that she has told me participating in these swaps has really helped her through some tough times. Having the creative projects to focus on and the deadlines to complete them by has been a godsend to her. Hooray!! I am so glad to know this, and know that what I do with creative swaps helps others in a positive way.

On the other hand, many thanks go out to Linda and also to everyone who has been so supportive during my father's illness this past winter and spring. He is doing so much better; he had so many problems to battle! My dad still has at least one more operation ahead of him, but he should be going home soon --perhaps he'll even be home when Steven & I visit my parents June 1-8 . . . wow! I want to say I truly appreciate your positive thoughts & prayers that you have continued to send our way. I do believe they helped my dad (and me) immensely. But I digress!! Please look at all of Linda's wonderful ATCs!!


Carol said...

Linda- I love these! I love the way you used bits of fabric for the curtains, sheer covering over the image,adding the crown and all the little extras- just beautiful!
Carol Murphy

Denise said...

yipee for unsuitable men!!


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