Monday, May 19, 2008

Altered by Design ATC swap: Margaux Lashbrook

Hooray! For the first time in about 10 days . . . there was swap mail in my mailbox!! Featured in this post are Margaux Lashbrook's very beautiful ATCs for the Altered by Design swap, with a theme of Angels*fairies*and Divas!

Margaux hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. There, she took a class with my friend Frieda Oxenham (in Scotland) and that's how she found me. Frieda is in this swap too and talked about it in her class -how wonderful. I really like Margaux's ATCs. They are made from fabric and I especially like the ribbon wrapped around and the real flower added, as you see to the left. Click on any scan for more detail!

They are all a little different from each other and that's really nice.

Thank you for partiicpating, Margaux! You have done a lovely job and I so appreciate the extra ATCs you made for me and for Carol Murphy, the sponsor of the swap : )


friedaquilter said...

Oh Margaux, I'm SO PROUD of you. Absolutely lovely ATCs and you've most definitely caught the bug!! As a teacher you've just about paid me the highest compliment and I really value seeing your ATCs. Thanks for the tip, Lenna. As a teacher yourself you simply know how lovely it is seeing your students work appearing on various swap sites! And this is just about the loveliest swap site!

Bright-Spark said...

Thanks goes to both of you.

To Frieda for introducing me to the medium, and to Lenna for hosting the swap and maintaining the site.

It gives encouragement to everyone!

Carol said...

Margaux- Oh Margaux- These are so delicate and Pretty in Pink! I love the ribbon and the femininity! Very pretty!
Carol Murphy


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