Tuesday, May 20, 2008

(New!) Swap #9: A Row House Swap (5/5 or 10/10) ::: FULL swap, sorry!

Because participation is limited you must email me: lenna@creativelenna.com to check space availability and register for any creative swap (this swap is full). Please include your first and last name along with your preferred email address for correspondence. After I receive your email I will let you know promptly if there is room in the swap. I will put you on the swap list if there is room or put you on a waiting list if there is not. Please consider carefully if you will be able to follow through on the commitment before signing up. Once your participation is confirmed, I will send you the full details of the swap including mailing instructions!

Due Aug 30th - A Row House Swap (5/5 or 10/10) ::: 35 participants as of may 22 ::: This swap is FULL.
Participants will create 5 little FLAT altered chipboard houses for 5 in return. Or do 2 sets - 10 for 10. Your little Altered Houses must be made of something sturdy like chipboard, mat board or cardboard. You can decorate them with scrapbook paper, handmade paper, fabric, images, paint and embellishments as you like. Pick a color(s) so they all coordinate or create them in a variety of ways. You may create any size or shape house that you wish as long as the dimensions are anywhere in the range of 1- 3 ½” wide and 2-5” high, including the roof.

If you are interested in this, but have not seen or heard of a “Row House Swap” before, let me share a few of the links I found with you so you get an idea of the possibilities for these flat little houses:

Kathy Wasilewski’s site: http://tinyurl.com/4dplan
Linda Cain, Illinois: http://tinyurl.com/4ottw2
Keron Lee, Australia: http://tinyurl.com/6hnpd4

I 'll have a couple more links for you when you sign up and I’ve also created a simple template for making flat houses that I can send to you as a PDF file ~ but only if you request it when joining the swap (shown above, colored in to illustrate). You can use this template to create your houses, or simply look at it for ideas on how to create your own template. You may find it easier to purchase some pre-made chipboard houses and I have a couple of links for you to check out for purchasing them, when you sign up and receive the full details. This swap is limited to 35 players and due in my hands August 30th, 2008. If you do not make the deadline, you cannot be included in the swap. All swaps will be mailed to you promptly in early September, 2008. Email me to sign up! I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. (I can put you on a waiting list now if you wish as this swap is FULL)

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Carol Stocker said...

I just sent you an email and hope you have room for me in this swap. I have an award for you to pick up on my blog cuz I love you, your blog and your art. Hugs, Carol


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