Sunday, May 4, 2008

Grimm fairytale 5x5 Collage swap: Kiki Finlayson

How exciting! Our first arrival for the Alpha Stamps' Brother's Grimm 5x5 collage swap has arrived, from Kiki Finlayson in Oregon!

Kiki has concentrated on Little Red Riding Hood, using images from the Alpha Stamps collage sheet Red Riding Hood 1. She sent in 2 sets of four collages for the swap, plus 2 extras: one for me as hostess & one for Leslie at Alpha Stamps, as sponsor. The extras are not required, but always appreciated when possible. Thanks so much!

Kiki did all her 5x5 collages on acid Free mat board and adhered a tag with general directions on the back of each collage. This is so great - see below.

Kiki used dimensional objects like polymer clay and real fabric for the quilt on grandmother's bed! On some of Kiki's collages she used text from an 1893 copy of a Brothers Grimm book. She finished off all of her collages very nicely with copper tape.

You can click on any photo for more detail.
Thanks, Kiki!

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donnajean said...

these are delightful! Great job!


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