Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Grimm fairytales 5x5 Collage swap: Susanne Weibe

This is the BACK of one of Susanne's Alpha Stamp Grimm Brothers' 5x5 collages! Isn't it cool? I just love it : )

Susanne is from beautiful Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada. She wrote me a note thanking me for another delightful swap, adding that she fould this swap thoroughly enjoyable, bringing back memories of childhood fairytales.

Susanne's collages are wonderful. She started with a sturdy piece of watercolor paper for her base and then sewed fabric & images from the Alpha Stamps Brothers' Grimm collection to her base paper. Because she started with watercolor paper she was able to easily paint the backs of all of her collages before adding her info. She also used fibers and dimensional elements. I think Susanne's collages are beautiful *and* very mixed-media! What fun. Thank you, Susanne. Wonderful art as always! Click on any photo for more detail.

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