Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Altered by Design ATC swap

Just a note to let you know I am working on this swap! I have done all the physical "swapping" of the pieces - yay! The swapped ATCs are all still sitting on top of the mailing envelopes on the floor and haven't been packaged up yet. I need to add the gift collage sheet and the snippet pack from our generous Carol Murphy, not to mention add the extra ATC Carol made for everyone! But I am getting there and would guess I'll be mailing it out late tomorrow afternoon or early friday morning. It will be worth any wait! The ATCs from this swap are just grand and you are going to love your packages I think. Thanks for your hard work! I will let you know when everything is mailed.

I also have 2 packages for the Brothers' Grimm Swap here that I need to open & scan. I will get to that soon : ) I am trying to wrap everything up before we leave on Sunday to visit my parents for a week. My dad is doing much better last I heard. There are some test results that everyone is waiting for in regard to the infections he was battling and seems to have conquered. Thank you very much for all your thoughts & prayers. I will have access to a computer next week (June 1-8) but obviously I won't be receiving any swap packages -- so any uploading will have to wait till my return!

yours creatively, Lenna


Carol said...

Hi Lenna,
I emailed you about the Grimm's Fairytale swap but not sure if they got through and I am really wanting to join, I LOVE Fairy tales! You may busy from the sounds of it. Let me know. By email or bloggie land
Thanks, Carol (

Lenna Andrews said...

I never got your email, Carol, I'm sorry to say. There's stil space and time to do the swap as it is not due until June 28th. Please contact me via email (see the sidebar under the clock) and I can sign you up and get you all the rules and details!


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