Friday, July 4, 2008

Grimm fairytale 5x5 Collage swap: Carol Campbell


This is the last post for artwork that came in by 6/28 for the Alpha Stamps Brothers' Grimm Fairytale swap!! I have just gone & counted all of the posts I have made since the end of April for this swap to make sure I have accounted for everyone - and I think I have!

Lastly, we have Carol Campbell's work. Carol is from PA and this is her first swap with me. She has done very well I think -her work shows a lot of thought. Carol created 5 collages. I am going to show 2 of them here. Please hop over to the ALPHA STAMPS GALLERY -with this link you can view all of Carol's swap pieces. When writing my posts today I am including a link for each participant's work in the AS Gallery. The link should bring you directly to a piece done by that participant. If you click on "next image" at the top you should move along to another piece done by that participant. Their name will be at the bottom of the image, and I am sorry I spelled you last name wrong Carol, when labeling the photos! In a few cases the pictures are out of order - a computer organizing thing. If you just keep going to the next photo and you will see the ones you are missing!

Follow this link for the entire Brothers' Grimm Swap Gallery at Alpha Stamps.

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