Monday, July 7, 2008

Shades of Spring/ Brown + Blue Quilties: Kate North

Kate North from the UK has been so patient with me! I believe I received her Shades of Spring -Brown & Blue Quilties over a week ago. I let her know, but I had so much to do with finishing up the Grimm Fairytale collage swap that I just had to wait until now to photograph and add her quilties to the creative swaps blog. Thanks for your patience, Kate.

Kate has done a lovely job with her Shades of Spring Quilties and enclosed a note saying "what a nice swap theme! I had fun with it." Kate was also very kind and created an extra quiltie for me - thank you! I love all the free-motion stitching Kate has done. You can see more of this on the back of her quilties, below -- and you can click on any photo for more detail.

Kate has her own blog and wrote about her quilties in a post last month -go here to read it. This is so great -Kate sent me the link to her blog when she sent off her swap pieces to me. My new plan is to scan or photograph one or two pieces myself for this blog and then add a link (if available) to more of the participant's art. Participants can upload their swap art to their own blogs, PictureTrail, or Flickr account if they like and I will share the link. This will save me tons of time scanning, cropping, resizing and uploading the swap pieces. Phew! Plus you'll get to visit fellow participants blogs and photo sites!

Thanks for understanding.

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