Friday, July 18, 2008

Shades of Spring/Brown + Blue Quilties: Joanie Hoffman

From Joanie in Maryland, a sweet set of brown & Blue quilties. Joanie always comes up with something different - I love it! She has also included a treat for me of an extra quiltie and some embroidery thread, thank you!

Joan also enclosed a note saying she hoped my dad is doing well, and yES! So sorry if I have not written about that - life seems extra busy lately. My dad is doing well. He has come leaps & bounds after his illness(s) - a pacemaker, stint, angio seal, arthritis in his back, an ulcer, a stroke, a cancerous tumor in his colon, 2 infections and tons of antibiotics all in 4 months -sheesh. Fortunately, he got through it all and is recovering and getting stronger. Physical Therapy is helping a lot. I talk to my parents often (they are in FL - I am in CT). Thanks for asking, Joanie! I hope you don't mind I wrote my answer publicly as I am sure I have forgotten to update others who are also wondering! My dad is purchasing a new computer (with help from Steven who is a senior level tech/computer system architect) and he really seems well, considering. Surgery for my dad in the future (reverse the colostomy) but nothing is a rush; when he is stronger. Thanks!

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