Friday, July 4, 2008

Grimm fairytale 5x5 Collage swap: Sharon Walworth

Let me start by saying that Sharon, who is from RI, wrote me and told me she had to drop out of this swap because she could not finish the required pieces in time. That is all I ever ask -communication! But then . . . . without telling me, she sneakily slipped the 2 pieces she had made for the swap into an envelope and wrote to me saying, "I decided I should push to get these two finished and off for you and Leslie. After all, my failure to finish all of the squares doesn't diminish the great job you two did, eh?"
Wow, I was floored! So I am showing off Sharon's art here and also in the Alpha Stamps gallery just because she was so generous to send what she was able to create -- these 2 squares for the swap. Sadly, you will not receive any of her pieces in your swap envelope if you are in this swap. Sometimes things happen and you have to bow out of one of my swaps. I understand completely, and as long as you let me know, then you are good to go next time! Thanks for being considerate.
Note: I know the felt leaves (self adhesive) are from the fabric page at Alpha Stamp as I have ordered them myself! The Red Riding Hood fabric images are found HERE. Thank you, Sharon.

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