Friday, July 4, 2008

Grimm fairytale 5x5 Collage swap: Lulu Hlavin

Lulu is a new participant to creative swaps but new or not, her work has impressed me very much! I want to share a part of the note Lulu enclosed with her swap pieces --

"It was so much fun designing them that once I got started it seemed a shame not to use so many beautiful images. I ended up doing eight for the swap plus one extra for you. I cheated a bit and added some extra pictures from my children's book collection (A weak spot of mine). Most of the collages use pictures solely from the Alpha Stamps collage sheets, a few have supplemental pictures from fairytale books I had at home, but all have at least one Alpha Stamps image, except for the one I made for you -yours is totally unique."

The collage Lulu is speaking of, the unique one that she made for me is the very first one you will see when you follow this link to the ALpha Stamps Gallery to view all of Lulu's collages. (Don't rack your brain trying to figure out which Alpha Stamp images are on my collage!)
For the other collages that Lulu created for the swap, follow the link below to see the entire collection of Alpha Stamps Brothers' Grimm images that she chose from.

Lulu's collages are different in that she beautifully collaged both the front and the back of each collage. Like she said, once she got started she wanted to use all the images she had! Here on the top of this page are the front and back of a collage Lulu made. The images on this piece come from the Sleeping Beauty #3 collage sheet at Alpha Stamps.

Here is the front and back of another one of Lulu's collages. Click on any image for more detail - and take a look at the rest of Lulu's collages, which are uploaded to the Alpha Stamp gallery. This link will take you right to Lulu's collages.
Thank you, Lulu. Beautiful artwork!

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