Saturday, July 26, 2008

On vacation ::: July 27 - Aug 10

We will be on vacation!, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I have just caught up with all the recent packages that have flown into my mailbox lately, whew! There are quite a few new posts below, so enjoy! You are welcome to make comments to the blog or email me, but everything will be *held* for 2 weeks until we return as we are going sans-computers. Our mail is being picked up, but I will not be able to alert you of the arrival of your swap package until I return. I will finish scanning the Itty Bitty swap during the week of the 11th and hopefully get it sent out the week of the 18th ~ that's my plan!

All of the brown & robin's egg blue quilties were sent out on July 23rd and most have reached their destinations -- a few have a bit farther to go! I have just a couple of new swaps to announce that will carry us through the year's end, but I am waiting until probably August 15th or 16th to announce them so I can be here to sign participants up!

Steven and I are really looking forward to visiting Wolfe Island again. We are towing up my father's handmade Melonseed 15 ft wooden sailboat, and bringing one of his handmade canoes too. It is a long drive to Ontario (about 7 hrs) and a ferry ride, but we don't mind! I will catch up with everything when I return. Have a great 2 weeks and keep creative!

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