Friday, January 8, 2016

Julie (Jewels) Welsh - Inspiration Collage

My friend Jewels' collages arrived on Jan 6th. I found them waiting for me when we returned from our little trip to Sanibel :) I try to scan & upload the items promptly, but starting with this swap I am giving myself a break and allowing 48 hours to get it done! I do mark them received on the SWAP PARTICIPANT LIST - if you want to check on their arrival anytime -just click there. It is January 8th as I type . . . you have 3 weeks to get your swaps delivered to me and in my hands by January 30th. So think about starting this weekend if you want to be included. It does not have to be fancy or complicated (unless that is what you want to do). I would love to see you simply jump in and PLAY!! I can see that is was Jewels did and it makes me ✴ s m i l e 

I love recognizing the different creative ways many of you are using the collage bits I sent.

Jewels loves this style of vintage and I think it looks great on this collage 
with a snippet of text I provided. Also, I spy that Canadian map I sent her especially!

The little boy Jewels has combined with the vintage dog I sent her are perfect! 
So glad you enjoyed playing in this swap Jewels. Love what you did.

Then Jewels made an extra collage especially for me & where I live, see below.
Not necessary but very welcome - ThanK YoU Jewels!!


Looking forward to finding yours in my mailbox and adding them to the growing pile.


Nancy said...

I love Jewel's vintage style, too. That little dog looks like our Cairn Terrier Jesse!

Linda said...

I love these!

bockel24 said...

somewhere here and there - just lovely vintage!


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