Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lenna Andrews - Inspiration Collage Swap!

 ❤ YES! I decided I would make 3 collages for the swap! I often play in my own swaps as it's a fun thing to do. Thanks very much to all of you who either sent an extra collage or some collage goodies with your swaps -or both. I appreciate all of these things. This is not a swap requirement, so do not worry if you did not do this . . . it's simply helpful to me and enjoyed.

Earlier today I was waiting on 2 possible outstanding packages & neither one has arrived. One was definitely mailed from overseas earlier this week and the other one, I'm not sure if it was sent or not. But today is the deadline for all swaps to be here. I will start swapping what I have in my hands. For the one package that is still coming, I will use any extra collages or collage bits that were sent and I will swap these extras for the late swaps so something is received by the participant... but anything late cannot be part of our regular swap that I will do today. I need to run my swaps this way, with no one waiting for packages because I have been through that before (yuck) and learned the hard way!!

Anyways . . . here is what I came up with myself. And I want to let you know I am organizing a new swap idea! Plus, I will announce here when all is swapped and sent. Thank YOU! 

Tea dyed paper, a familiar looking ticket (for this swap)
Two photos of me, watercolor crayons
recycled cardboard from box wine & a bit of an old map

The scan did not do this justice, so a photo
Old music paper some of you received 
Paper from Mary Green's class, collage square from ARTchix Studio
Tea bag tag and Colorshine Gold spray ink from Heidi Swapp

Fabric & paper plus watercolor crayons
The fabric is a leftover unfinished ATC from Color Groupies in 2009! 
I sewed it to the 5x5 card as it was rough with batting on the back
I enjoyed sewing on paper.

I hope you enjoyed, I will be back with a note when the swaps are sent.


Jewels said...

Wow Nellie! Love your contributions to the swap Lenna - can't wait to see what I get when you send everything out. Hugs.

Joanna said...

I would have been so disappointed if you hadn't played along too, Lenna! Your collages are delightful (Corraline really is a fearless heart, her mother would tell her to go and put some clothes on!).

Disappointing that 2 of the swaps haven't arrived, particularly for the one that you know is on it's way, that's why I sent mine with plenty of time, the postal system doesn't always play nicely!

I'm really looking forward to receiving my swaps.

I'm also intrigued to find out what the next Creative Swap will be!

Thank you, Lenna.


sharon said...

You freakin ROCK girlfriend! Love you so much!

ColourFly said...

I love your collages. Glad you played with us!!!!
Now I am really curious what you planned next.....
Love, Sabine


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