Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pam Gonzalez - Inspiration Collage

Pam is a crazy quilter and beader who participated in my paper & fabric bead swap a couple of years ago as well as a postcard swap I hosted; she made yummy fabric postcards! She sent a note with her collages saying if they were not up to par I did not have to include them!! Not to worry Pam, I did not think that at all. Pam has not done a lot of collage before but her pieces for this swap are wonderful! I know it is hard, but try not to look at the swaps I post and compare yourself to them. You do your own art and enjoy it and many people out there will enjoy it too. We are all in different places on our art journey . . .  my advice is to not compare, but be inspired and enjoy the ride! Here's are Pam's pieces for the swap, I think you will agree with me they are great!

Thank you for participating Pam, you did a great job 
and I bet it felt good to stretch yourself too! 


Jewels said...

Oh I think they are just lovely! Well done :)

Growing Old Fast said...

Thank you Jewels you are very kind, Pam Gonzalez


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