Monday, January 25, 2016

Laura Hummel - Inspiration Collage

This is Laura's 10th Creative swap! Congratulations. I am so glad to hear you were happy to be part of this swap, Laura. I'm happy you participated! Laura's collages also had to fight storm Jonas to get here from MD, but they made it, hooray. Best wishes for the rest of the swap pieces that are on their way to get here by Saturday!

Laura wrote and said, "I used a lot of what you sent . . . 
but it is hidden under paint & houses."

I still spy a lot! 

Laura made an extra collage for me as a gift, thank you! 

Oh wait, her note says, "HELP . . . I can't stop doing these
houses!!" :0) I don't know Laura, I think that could be a good thing! 
They look great. Thanks so much for your art. 


bockel24 said...

those house collages are great, and I wouldn´t have thought of hiding your collage pieces - but why not?

ColourFly said...

I love these collages! So amazing!


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