Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sabine Schneider - Inspiration Collage

Sabine Schneider from Germany has participated in another one of my swaps again - I believe this is her 15th creative swap! WOW!! I have a list in the sidebar of the blog that tracks this . . .  so amazing! Anyway, here are the lovely collages Sabine sent in for our swap:

Thank you Sabine for your ongoing participation, your beautiful collages 
and for the generous packet of collage goodies you sent!!! xo


Linda said...

I love the stitching on these!

Nancy said...

Just lovely- the collages are rolling in now!

ColourFly said...

I am glad that the collages made all the way to Florida!!!! Thanks Lenna for organizing this swap.
Greetings from Germany!!!
Love, Sabine

ColourFly said...

Dear Lenna,
I just wrote a little post about the Swap on my blog. Wow, my 15th swap. I can't get enough and hope you will host another swap soon!!!! And a big thanks to you for the idea and the organization! It was a lot of fun! Now I am curious which cards I will get. They are all amazing!
Love, Sabine


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