Friday, January 8, 2016

Nancy Roberts - Inspiration Collage

Nancy's collages arrived yesterday -Jan 7th, thank you! Nancy wrote me a note saying she had a lot of fun even though she has not done a lot of collage so far. She told me she certainly has enough "stuff" to add to what I sent. So great! I have just discovered Nancy's own post on her own blog about making them so I am adding a link to her blog as there is a lot more description there :-)

Here is what Nancy created!

I spy a postage stamp and a mesh bag I probably sent.

"Express Yourself" - Love this! I must admit it is one of many wrappers
 I saved from a dark chocolate Dove mini. 
The old design of wrappers seem to have better words!!

I love seeing the mustard colored paper with the swirls. 
Most everyone received a bit of this. Fits perfectly here.

 Nancy also made an extra collage for me, so sweet!! The quote is one that I produced as a LennaLines quote stamp many years ago. Thank you so much for this Nancy and the extra interesting textured papers you sent, I am really glad you were able to join in with Creative Swaps again!

Play, discover, dream, glue, paint, create! 

All collages due in my hands Jan 30th - thank you! 


Nancy said...

I'm glad I joined up, too, Lenna! I can see more collage in my future- maybe some art journal pages.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

That sounds great. With all your fabric art, quilting and such you will be moving out into other areas that I know help a lot of quilters. I do believe you know of my friend Frieda Oxenham? She started doing a bit of paper art when she was previously mostly a quilter and wow! She does such a variety of mixed media now. I think it is very satisfying to her. :)

Linda said...

So pretty and seen all together they have such a sense of joy to them!


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