Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creative Bag Swap: Catherine van der Hoeff

Sorry to be a little late in uploading our last creative bag. Here is Catherine's bag, all the way from the Netherlands; I am so glad it made it as it is such a beautiful felted bag. Catherine's note to me, enclosed with her bag, said that she put wool and silk rovings on a scarf and felted everything together. You can see some of the original scarf hanging off either side of her bag. I don't know anything about felting really, but I do love the look!

Catherine also wrote, "When I saw the little button faeries on the ARTchix site I knew I had to make some and find them a good home (. . . or garden!). " There are 2 little button fairies on Catherine's bag, click on the photo to see them better.

Now that ALL the bags are in my hands, I have made my decision on the most creative bag in this swap and a runner up, and I have a prize for both . . . even though you ALL were so creative! As I told the participants in an email, this swap was really amazing as far as creativity - thank you!

I will wait to make the announcement of the winners until ALL the bags are packaged & on their way back to you, hopefully by late tomorrow - check back here please! below, a few more photos of Catherine's felted bag . . . . . (the back and inside, below)

The alphabet beads she added spell out "PICK MORE DAISIES" : ^ )

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Anonymous said...

very cool love the colors! Vicki Page


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