Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine Ornament Swap!

Wow! All the valentine ornaments came in on time, were swapped this weekend, and I sent out 32 packages this morning -- now I need a nap!!
: ^ ) It was well worth all the work; thank you for a fabulous swap. Thanks also to Casie Metcalf of Vintage Image Madness for providing romantic goodies for all the participants. Enjoy the slide show below!


Sharon said...

Great slide show! I'm watching my mail box. Thanks Lenna!
Sharon S

Anonymous said...

I'm not in this swap but sure wish I would have signed up. You all did a wonderful job such talent!

Vicki Page

Sharon said...

My Valentine's arrived today! Thanks again Lenna, for organizing this swap. Thanks to Vintage Image Madness for the gifts. Thanks to Mercades (wow! I got a Valentine's from Spain!), Michele W, and LENNA for the wonderful Valentine's you each made and swapped with me!

Sharon S.

Eva said...

Thank You Lenna!
My Valentin´s arrived to me in Sweden today, it´s wonderful!! And then I realized how much work you put in to organize these swapps you do a great work!! Also Thanks to Vintage Image Madness for the lovely gifts.
Thank You again Lenna!!!


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