Monday, February 11, 2008

White Quilties! ~ Amanda Blunden Smith

Amanda, from Oxon, UK sent her white quilties all wrapped up individually. It made me smile to see the wrapping in shades of white! I did unwrap these packages to photograph them, but saved all the wrappings & will fix them all up again before swapping them out : )

Amanda used some beautiful old laces when creating her quilties . . . . click on any photo for more detail.

And she enclosed a beautiful GIFT for me of some of these laces, and a lovely handmade card. Oh my gosh! I have not started my own set of shades of white quilties to swap yet, so I think I will be employing some of these delicious bits~ thank you so much, Amanda!

1 comment:

ewa-christine said...

I love this stuff, were can I get the "making ladys" adress?
Please sent it to me
my blogg is http:ewa-christine-antika


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