Thursday, February 21, 2008

Creative Bag Swap: Vicki Page

This creative bag is from Vicki Page in Cottage Grove, WI. I think both the bright fabric & the bamboo handles are faboo! Vicki has also done some beading, she's added fibers, plus she's made a Velcro closure on the inside top of the bag. I just found her email where she told me more about creating this bag:

"The purse I made is a pattern from Amy Butler then I added my own spin for the handles. The design on the purse: I used different yarns using a fabric spray to glue them down put washable sulky over the top and sewed a graph across the yarns to catch all of them. Then washed the sulky out and added some beads. The theme I used was "Under the Tuscon Sun" hopefully you see that within the beaded design of the purse and the fabric I choose."

Click on any of my photos of her bag for more details - Thanks, Vicki!

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