Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creative Bag Swap: Melissa Woolsey

From Melissa Woolsey in OR, A wonderful ART satchel to hold your supplies in!

This is that last bag I received in the mail on Saturday. Catherine Van der Hoff from the Netherlands sent her bag out on February 13th, and that is the one bag I am missing. Parcels to the US usually take a week to 10 days or so, and Saturday marked 9 mailing days. What I am going to do is start to swap these bags out, meaning match them up, tomorrow. I like to try to match you up with someone I think whose work you will appreciate! But if I need to, I may hold a few pieces back for a day or two to see if I can make a swap happen for Catherine. She has been in my swaps previously and has always been very conscientious. If a day or 2 go by and her package is not here, I will send the remaining ones out. I hope this is acceptable to you. I am strict about due dates but would rather bend a little in this case!!

OH! And I will award a first place and a 2nd place runner up with a prize for the most creative bags! That announce will come before all the bags are sent out!
Here are more photos of Melissa's tote, and I want to THANK YOU ALL for participating. If you click on the "creative Bags" tag you can view ALL of the bags that have come in. I would say this swap has excelled most swaps I have hosted because of the creativity displayed. Each package was like opening up a surprise, what would it be?? EACH bag was different from the next, it has been amazing! I am going to have a difficult time picking a first & second prize for most creative . . . . till then! xo lenna

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