Saturday, February 2, 2008

Valentine Ornament Swap: Linda Schultz

Wow! My swap participants never cease to amaze me with their creativity. Look at the beautiful Valentine Ornaments my friend Linda Schultz from Pennsylvania sent in. So cool! Linda was able to make 4 ornaments, so I'll get to choose one for myself and swap the other three. Making an extra swap piece for me is not a requirement!! If you have time, please do, I love it! Or you can enclose a tiny gift instead if you like. Something like collage papers or whatever you think I might like : ) why? Hosting swaps is a lot of work, huge sometimes. Although, I LIKE the work, it has many rewards, I am a good match for the job, and at this time in my life - I have the TIME to do it, so I do. Any hostess gifts sent in are appreciated, but please understand, they are not a requirement. I really understand if you can't. If you are scrambling just to create the swap pieces do not worry!

Back to Linda's ornaments, please see the scan below to view ALL of these gems. Don't you love the beautiful tags she created to showcase them? ENjoy & keep your fingers crossed - you could be receiving one!

Sometimes people wonder or ask me HOW I choose who receives what - when I swap out. I probably vary how I physically arrange it each time I do it, but I typically start with a list on paper before I actually swap them. The one thing that always is true is that I look at the artwork that you send in as a participant and I try to trade your work with the work of someone I think you will like/love or at least appreciate! I cannot always "trade" - my piece for Mary's & Mary's piece for mine - because sometimes the swapping does not work out evenly & I have to do a few more trades . . . but I try my best and believe I succeed most all the time as I have many participants write me, thanking me and telling me how much they love their swaps or how I sent them what they were secretly wishing for.

Let's hope I have continued good luck with my methods!

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