Saturday, February 9, 2008

White Quilties! ~ Kara Klein

From Kara Klein in Los Angeles, CA we have received another set of quilties for the "Shades of White" swap - wow! I am lovin' this theme : ^ ) All of the entries so far are just fabulous. I was surprised that this quilties swap was the first of all the swaps I announced (last fall) to fill up. We now have 31 participants in this swap ~ a few people had to drop out . . . this happens, don't worry about it. Just let me know, as you have and it works out fine.

Anyway, Kara did an awesome job on her quilties; they are very beautiful and creative. There is a close up of two of her quilties to the left; click on the photo for even more detail. Below I will add a photo of all of Kara's shades of white quilties, front & back - plus a detail of possibly my favorite where I believe Kara did free motion sewing to stitch her teapot & her message. Thank you Kara; I always love having you in my swaps!

1 comment:

Gunnels blog said...

Beautiful! I love the white quilties!


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