Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creative Bag Swap Congratulations!

I have great news! All of the creative bags for our swap have been packaged up and were MAILED today, phew! I forgot that it is always a little bit of a challenge to package such varied types of items . . . . but was it worth it? Yes! I hope you all enjoy the swaps I made for you and you like what you receive as I tried to pair you with someone who's art & creativity I thought you would enjoy. This time, whomever you received a creative bag from, has your bag. It was an equal swap 1 for 1 with no switching around to make things work out. Too cool!

Speaking of CREATIVITY, I have a First & Second Prize to award two participants in this swap. Was this hard to do? YES!! There were so many really creative bags . . . you all did fantastic. The 1st prize for the most creative bag is awarded to Catherine van der Hoeff from the Netherlands. YAY!
I had some ideas of a winner before Catherine's bag arrived, but when it did I knew hers was the one! The felting, beading, sequins, bells, the button fairies - oh MY! I think Catherine's bag really stands out and she really deserved first prize! ~ : ^ ) A close up of her bag is above right . . . and her prize is below. I gathered fabrics I thought she would like, a pattern for fabric bags, bits of my favorite marbled paper, and some fabric images from Alpha Stamps.

I am awarding the SECOND place runner up prize for most creative bag to Mercedes Jiménez Campuzano of Madrid, Spain!

Oh my, Mercedes bag has so much stitching and detail . . .
just beautiful! See the bag to the right.

You can read more about it in my original post or directly on Mercedes' blog . There is a translator on her blog if you do not speak Spanish! For Mercedes' prize I gathered together fabrics and lace I thought she might like; see below - click on any photo for more detail.

Congratulations to everyone on a succesful and beautifully creative swap.
I may orchestrate it, but YOU create it!
NEW SWAPS will not be announced until I return from visiting my parents in Florida; around March 12th, but there is a teaser in the sidebar to the right about what's to come.

yours, creatively, lenna


Dawn Sellers said...

Oh Catherine's work is always fabulous! So happy you won first prize Catherine - you deserve it!
Looking forward to receiving my swap, thanks for all of your work Lenna - I'm looking forward to seeing what the new swaps will be. Have fun in Florida!

vicci said...

Oh I am so thrilled to see that Catherine's bag won 1st prize!!!!! She is so very talented....and happens to be a very dear friend of mine!!!!! I am planning to go see her in May....and I am so excited! Congrats Catherine!!!!! XXXXOOOOOOOOO
will be seeing you very soon!


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