Thursday, August 14, 2008

attacking the swap packages!

That's our little dog Asia, hiding under my desk where I usually photograph the swap pieces ~The desk gets good natural light coming in from the window. Asia absolutely hates thunder, and she usually comes running to find me, then hides. On top of my desk are 16 -yes, 16! - packages for the Itty Bitty swap that came in while I was on vacation. The good news is: all of those swap pieces have been photographed -Wow-whee! You'll finally get to see some swap art eye-candy again!! : ^ ) And, this means that I am on my way to wrapping this swap up. Thanks for your patience. I knew this swap was going to take me a little longer to complete because I would be recovering from vacation (heehee, it's true!) and lots of packages would be here all at once. Add to that, the fact that my youngest son Dallas has been visiting us, before he leaves the country to go to Italy on a work visa ~more about that on my art blog . . .

On the chair are 5 more packages that are for the Row House swap, which is getting more exciting as the due date draws near -August 3oth. It seems that everyone is really enjoying creating these little houses! I will photograph those tomorrow and everything will get uploaded to the blog in due time!!!! Some of the swap pieces will be up tonight, some tomorrow & so on . . . . enjoy!

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