Thursday, August 14, 2008

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Joanie Hoffman ~ Maryland

Joanie Hoffman's Itty Bittys are really very creative, don't you agree? I have never seen any Itty Bittys like this before! Joanie created a grid on the back of her 3x3 collage that described what summer means to her. Then on the front, she illustrated her descriptions. My fave: "Something from the Chesapeake Bay" on the back and on the front, she has a shell or a rock from the bay, tied to her collage - ingenious! Joanie finished this by covering the front of the Itty Bitty with a piece of summer inspired fabric and tying it on loosely . . . very fab!

Thank you Joanie!

I am so very happy to have one to add to my collection!
You can view Joanie's post on her Itty Bittys on her own blog (which I just discovered) HERE.

Click on any photo for a closer view!

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