Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swaps -just a note!

The deadline for the Row House swap was this past Saturday, 8/30, and I am working my way through the rest of the packages that came in at the last minute. We have some really awesome row houses in this swap! It will probably take me a few days to finish scanning & uploading all the pieces. Then I will swap them out. I anticipate mailing this swap to the participants by Sept. 6th -back to my usual 1-week turn around, phew!

As far as the new swaps I announced last week: Star Ornaments and Shades of the Forest Quilties ~ the sign-ups are going very well. I am happy I was able to change the registration process. It was an effort to do this -but worth it, because registration is working as I hoped it would. The new registration for swaps takes place on the blog with payment for shipping & handling is in advance via PayPal (see the sidebar). Amazingly, both swaps are OPEN for joining-in the past they often filled in a day or two. I believe this change is because participants have to think carefully before committing to a swap and their registration fee is non-refundable.

Both swaps are about half-full or a little less. The buttons will remain on the blog until the swap is full. I will warn you with a note (on the blog) when the spaces in the swaps are dwindling. Thank you for your support! I think this new set-up will work better for me -and it looks like it will also work for you. I will let you know later in the year how the time I spend managing creative swaps is weighing in with my other responsibilities. :^)
creatively yours, lenna

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