Thursday, August 14, 2008

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Connie Holso ~Wyoming

Connie Holso has sent in some amazing Itty Bittys. I did not even realize right away that the butterfly wings Connie made opened like this! They were shipped FLAT of course, and while unpacking them to photograph her pieces I noticed one of the larger sets of wings looked like it could move. Shortly thereafter, I found out they ALL opened -very cool. I have never seen anything quite like this on an Itty Bitty collage! Click on the photo for more.

Connie made an extra 3x3 collage for me and enclosed a couple of paper butterflies - Thank you!!!

I just found out that Connie has a wonderful blog! Follow this link to the post about her Itty Bittys.


"Stampgram" said...

Oh, Lenna, I am glad you like them. I saw this paper while on a trip to South Dakota to see my Dad and knew it was what I wanted to use for my itty bitties...then I had to figure out how to make those little creatures FLY! It is kind of a reverse of the spotlighting technique where you have a colored image over a black and white background...I put a b&w butter fly over a colored daisy background, and I love how it made the butterflies the center of attention. Thanks for your lovely comments. You can see more on my blog at

Beks said...



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