Saturday, August 16, 2008

Itty Bitty Collage swap: Victoria Talcott Wormell ~ Connecticut

Amazingly, Victoria's yummy fabric Itty Bittys are the very last of the Itty Bitty 3x3 collages to be uploaded to this blog! Please Click HERE to see all of the ITTY Bitty posts. We had 28 swap participants complete the summer themed Itty Bitty collage swap - due in my hands on August 9th. In fact, Victoria drove to my house and delivered them to me on that day! I was happy about that, because Victoria has been busy with her family ~ her husband, 3 little children, plus she works as a goldsmith! I had not even seen her for about 3 years --and she has taken many of my classes in the past. So, it was great to catch up with Victoria and receive her swaps while her 2 year old reminded us she wanted "Juice!"

Being a fabric lover myself, Victoria's Itty Bittys are really appealing to me. When announcing this swap, I left it open to whether paper, fabric, or both were utilized to create your summer collages, and only a few of you used fabric, I think? Victoria's bright summer colors , stitching and the story she wrote about her summer (ants!) really won me over. Thank you, Victoria!!

Now that I have all the Itty Bittys posted to the blog I can work on swapping them out. They are nice and small, so it should not be too difficult. I will let you know when they fly to you -sometime next week. In the meantime, I have a few 'Row House' swaps and sunshine quilties to catch up with/post here - stay tuned!

* Fiona Brockie, Sue Lee & Donna Butcher - your packages arrived today! *

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