Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Swap ~ Star Ornaments due 11/01/08

Two of my favorite star ornaments below are from our wedding, by friends Chris Peden (L) & Edward McLellan (R) ; ^ ) These stars are examples of what your ornaments could look like . . . . . you can come up with your own design, different materials or size -pretty much anything goes! details below . . .

This is one of the new creative swaps with registration now taking place on the blog! Please register for this swap by using the appropriate PayPal Button found in the sidebar . . . . look right, near the top. After you have registered and paid in full via PayPal for postage & handling, I will send you the FULL swap details (including the swap mailing address) via email. Thanks!

Star shaped Ornaments (5/5) Due November 1st, 2008 ~ Participants will create FIVE Star shaped ornaments out of any medium(s) of their choice, and will receive Five Star shaped ornaments in return. The size range for the stars is a tiny 1” inch x 1” inch, up to as large as 5” inches x 5”inches (or 12.7cm x 12.7cm). I would like them small enough to hang nicely.

Use any materials you can imagine to create your Star Ornaments. Think creatively when approaching this challenge, or simply be inspired by someone else’s vision and give it your own twist! I will give you more ideas when you sign up, but think of festive winter Holidays and bright beautiful stars hanging in the window or on a holiday tree. I will be participating myself so I can add my swap returns to the star ornaments Steven & I received for our wedding in 2005. We hang them on our holiday tree each year and they are so beautiful. Almost all of our wedding star ornaments were made on the paper stars that we provided to family & friends. For this swap you can use paper or create your star ornaments out of something else entirely! I am dreaming of wire & beads . . . I will share what I coome up with as soon as I create them.

Mail your STARS so they reach me by 11/01/08. Late entries will be returned.
As the swaps arrive, I will post your artwork on the creative swaps blog for everyone to enjoy. If you have a personal blog or website where you have posted your swap artwork, please send me the link in an email and I will add that info to your post.

Make sure I have your correct mailing address when you register for this swap, as I will be sending the star ornaments back to you via First Class or Priority Mail with a mailing label I create using the address you provide when registering on the blog. If you have not registered your address with PayPal - please do. Registration for this swap is $6.00 for mailing within the USA and $8.00 for mailing internationally, outside of the USA -using the pay now buttons on the blog. If you would like to create two sets of star ornaments (10) you may, but please enclose an additional $1.00 in your swap package. I think I will use Priority mail whenever possible now for swap returns to save time on packaging & mailing, and I will definitely create postage online via PayPal. This will mean less work for you – no need to provide me with a self-addressed envelope for US mailings, and only a self addressed label for international mail. I will let you know what works best after my first swap is complete, done this new way. Thank you! Any questions, email me.

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