Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shades of Spring/Brown-Blue Quilties -Jolande Van De Beld

This is a late posting . . . but the mail was late! This post shows Jolande's Brown & Blue quilties that she mailed from the Netherlands, in what should have been enough time to get here . . . . but, unfortunately her package did not arrive by July 19th when the swap was due. I gave her a couple of days grace because she has always been on time with her swaps, but the package did not arrive and I had to go ahead and swap out before leaving for vacation. In my absence though, her package arrived - about a month after she sent it!
Before it even got here, one of our swap participants, Joanie Hoffman wrote me an email saying she really thought Jolande's Quilties would show up eventually, and that she would be happy to create another Brown & Blue Quiltie to swap with Jolande. Wow, so kind! So we left it -when the quilties arrived, we would discuss! Jolande's lovely Quilties got here about August 5th -when I got home I let Jolande & Joanie know. Joanie made another Brown & Blue Quiltie to trade, which I received today . . . I will send one of Jolande's to Joanie tomorrow. I swapped 2 of Jolande's quilties for 2 of the extra quilties I had collected from the swap - I will send these to Jolande along with Joanie's quiltie, and I will also send Jolande one of her own quilties back to her with the 3 different ones. Phew, this sounds complicated, but it all worked out after all!

~Unbelievably, I have now caught up with all the swap packages that were waiting for me when I returned home August 9th and all the packages that have arrived since!! Still ahead: Finishing swapping the Itty Bitty collage swap and announcing two new swaps. I have not forgotten, just trying not to work too hard ; ^ ) yours, lenna

1 comment:

Joanie Hoffman said...

Hi Jolande,
These are so very lovely.
I am so happy to know one of them will soon be mine!
ps Thanks, Lenna, for helping this trade to happen.


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