Friday, August 29, 2008

Row House Swap: Vickie Jones ~ South Dakota

Vickie Jones in South Dakota wrote to me prior to my receiving her package, and said it really took her a while to make her pieces because . . . . .

"my creativity just vanished!"

I think after looking at her houses you will agree with me that Vickie's creativity has returned!!

Vickie also wrote,
"On a couple of the houses I took a little different spin on what the others have done...I did "Tree Houses" and then added a Pooh Bear photo and his address... The adobe and rock house came together quite quickly... the two I included were a couple of quick ones. I enjoyed it once I got going but it sure took me long enough!"

Excellent job, Vickie -I think your swap pieces are very creative! Click on any photo for details -Vickie used some unusual materials --tyvek, paper clay, pipe cleaners, vellum, embossing powder, pebbles, and dimension media.

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