Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cynthia Zdanzukas: mail art swap!

Well! I only received 4 envelopes today, but what spectacular and beautiful envelopes they are! Cynthia Zdanzukas, a friend and student from Connecticut sent in 4 gorgeous envelopes - 3 for the swap and one for lucky me. Let me share them with you. You can click on any one for more details.

I can't help but quote what Cynthia emailed me: 

Hello, again, Lenna!  I've mailed the mail art this a.m.  The postman seemed intrigued with the envelopes and asked lots of questions about them.  It's like pulling teeth to get much of a reaction out of him, so, I'm taking it as a good sign! Can't wait for them to reach you and be swapped out - it's always such fun (!!!!!) and we sure need some FUN in our lives and for that, I thank you and all the other fun-loving swapettes!  Thanks again & enjoy, Cynthia Zdanzukas
* * * 
I am curious, how did your mail carrier react??
I am waiting for a few more envelopes and postcards to make it into my mailbox by Saturday . . . about 5 more full sets and a few extra envelopes/postcards are still coming. It is very exciting! For people who are new and wonder how I swap the items out, I try to give you something I believe you will love -- or at least appreciate! I do this by looking at what YOU have produced for the swap and what that tells me about you. I think this way is better than random pairing because I always get comments from people along the lines of how much they enjoyed their returns. I usually do the swap on paper first, using a grid system - and then that gives me a "map" to use when physically swapping the pieces so I don't get too confused. Yes, it is a lot of work. But remember, when you registered, your paid me! And I do love hosting swaps, especially with lessons added -it really suits me. 

Yes, there will be a NEW swap announced when this one is complete. I am afraid I have not made my mind up yet as to what we'll be swapping, so I may "poll" you asking you to vote your preference. Or you can always email me. I often get wonderful suggestions that get turned into our next creative swap!

Many thanks to Cynthia for a beautiful addition to our mail Art Swap! 


Joanna said...

Well you must know I love Cynthia's envelopes!

The comment about her postman made me smile wryly to myself - my man in the post office didn't even twitch a muscle. In fact if anything, I was rather an irritation for him with my silly envelopes. I don't think he's ever been known to smile.

Hey ho!


arts4all said...

Snow! In Florida!! These are beautiful! Cynthia really captures the mystical magic of falling snow.....

Tania A said...

The ladies at my post office are always delighted to see what I'm sending out, which makes me feel good.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I have met some mail carriers who want to see all the envelopes I am sending & take great interest . . . and then others, who like joanna's post person, find it an irritation that I have decorated the envelope so much. For the most part though my envelopes are greeted as a delightful difference in my mail carrier's day, which I love! This is not to mention the delight on the other end of the journey and perhaps at stops in-between.
isn't it fun? ; ^ )


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