Monday, December 6, 2010

Marianne Baugher: Mail ART Swap (last entry)

Marianne Baugher in Maryland sent in 4 envelopes, but unfortunately only one of them arrived here in Florida during the dates of the mail art swap. You might have caught a glimpse of it early on when I showed some of it with some other envelopes as part of the creative swaps blog header.

"Nature gives to every season some beauty of it's own"
This is a beautiful envelope, Marianne! What I am going to do is this: I'll swap Marianne's envelope in exchange with someone else's and then add 2 more to her returns from my large stash of 40 extra envelopes I received as gifts in this swap!!! Amazing. I would bet that Marianne's wayward envelopes will turn up down the road.

So this is it! I am closing the swap. I may receive one more envelope each from Nadia and Karen (extras above & beyond the 3 required) and I may receive 2 or 3 more from Marianne later this week? I hope so! With just the one exception of the mail not getting delivered as it should, 51 of us completed this swap making at least 3 pieces of mail art to exchange. The total count so far is 186 pieces that came in . . . and I created 53 pieces to go out, which makes a grand total of 239 pieces of mail art!!!! I'll have a few extra envelopes because some participants had to drop, but all in all, an amazing swap! Bigger that I imaged, more fun than I imagined, and not quite as much work for me as you might imagine because I like this subject so much and also, remember this is part of what I do as full-time work. I have made a grid on paper and preliminarily swapped things out -- now I will get to the task at hand and physically swap everything out into the waiting envelopes. It's really nice that envelopes are already made - it takes the stress off, and I've created a mailing list that I will tuck in with your returns, so you can continue to send mail art to participants in this swap, if you like.

I'll be back with an update or two later! I am also working on writing up a new swap as well that I think you will really like. Don't worry - it will not be due until late February.


Joanna said...

Beautiful colours on this envelope, so natural and pretty.

Linda said...

Lenna, it's been so much fun watching the envelopes come in...I can't wait to see some in person! Thanks again for putting this swap together. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the next one.

joy said...

This is a gorgeous envelope! I am eagerly awaiting the receipt of my returns - it will be an early Christmas in my mailbox! Looking forward to whatever you decide for the next swap, Lenna!

arts4all said...

Hooray! We did it.... and you have organized everything so nicely. And....another swap to look forward to! Thanks always for all the fine work you do to give others so much pleasure.


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