Saturday, December 4, 2010

mail art swap news

The good news is that today's mail completed Lynda Roddy Ozzauto's, Vicky Martindale's, Yvette Snowden's and Siri Hauge Opdal's mail art sets, yahoo! I'll be uploading all their mail art soon -sometime this weekend, as my son and his girlfriend are here visiting from Boston. I am still hoping to receive 2 envelopes from Marianne Baugher, 1 more from Nadia Breton Sergal, another 1 from Christine Carino and 1 more from Karen Cejka! I will wait through Monday, possibly Tuesday and then share and swap everything I have received! I hope that sounds fine and fair to all of you . . . . now I am off to enjoy a little time with Decklin & Tina.

Have a great, creative day! 

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Hope you had a wonderful time with Decklin and Tina - they look fun to be with!


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