Friday, December 10, 2010

Mail has begun to arrive! (check comments!)

{big grin}
I am glad to hear that participants are beginning to receive their swap mail art already! I've gotten word that Sharon Walworth in Rhode Island, Susan Stewart in Florida and Marnie Blum in North Carolina have theirs in hand! Thanks so much for letting me know, this really completes the swap for me.

I'm working toward organizing the next one . ..  but right now I'm making two quiches, a big salad, and an amaretto cake for my mom's birthday! I'll be bringing her roses and a tiny present too. She had a really rough week with an infection and a pulled tooth and she sure deserves some pampering!! I'll be back though before long. Hope you find your swap mail in your letter box soon!

: ))) lenna 


Leslie said...

Mine is here! See my blog post for all the fabulousness.

Linda said...

Mine have arrived too and they're fabulous! I've posted about them here if you'd like to take a look. Thanks again Lenna for such a great swap!

Tania A said...

Just got mine on Saturday. They're darling. Looking forward to the next swap!

Elaine Akers said...

Lenna...I just wanted to let you know that I received my fun swap envelope in today's mail.
I received mail art envelopes from Kelly Hendrickson/MN, JoAnn Reichert/PA, and Julie Coons/FL.
See my blog
for the wonderful envelopes that I received.
Thanks again for hosting this fun swap.

friedaquilter said...

My gorgeous art has landed safely envelopped in one of your gorgeous envelopes. A huge thank you to Thelma, Crystal and Susan for their wonderful envelopes (and thanks so much for the enclosed surprise too, Crystal) and of course as always I've loved doing another of your too delicious for words swaps, Lenna!!

Joanna said...

Hooray, my envelopes arrived today safe and sound! Thank you Lenna, they are absolutely FANTASTIC - you chose really well to suit my own style of art. Thank you too to Cynthia Zdanzukes, Teri Calia, and Linda Freeman - you done good, girls! (and you're going to be on my blog tomorrow!).


Marilyn said...

What a wonderful swap, Lenna--I received your beautiful envelope filled with beautiful postcards from Rita/WI, Rebecca/Australia and Becky/AR! Big thanks to you all!! I blogged about it here complete with pics;) xo

ColourFly said...

Mine arrived, too. I am so happy. It is really so fantastic. Thanks a lot to Lenna, Rebecca, Wil and Thelma!
You can look here:



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