Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mail ART swap has flown - watch your letter boxes!

I was collecting all of your mail art to swap in this box -- and now it is empty! 
Yes! Today I managed to swap all the envelopes and postcards out, get them tucked into envelopes, add the proper postage stamps and send them on their way! I did it in batches. Some were sent straight from my letter box this morning, perhaps 20 or 25 envelopes. I have a large mail box! Then early this afternoon I took all the International envelopes and a few others to a tiny post office we have inside an outlet department store here called Bealls. Can you imagine? But it is wonderful for me. Less than 5 minutes away and the woman did not mind figuring out if I had enough postage on or if I needed a customs form. She even complimented the envelopes and said, oooh, this one is fabric!  : ^ ) She noted any additional postage needed on the envelopes and assured me she would put postage stamps on herself -not the postage label. Wow. My new favorite post office! The last bunch of 15 more envelopes or so I took to the post office near my parent's house on the way there. The envelopes all weighed less than 13 oz, so I could drop them in the mail box without having to hand them over to a clerk. Phew! I really did not think I would achieve this in just one day because it was 50 envelopes. I am happy to have completed this wonderful swap with you and I hope if you have time you will let me know that you have received your swaps and send along any comments or suggestions. Thanks so much! p.s. no mail today related to this swap - but if and when I receive any stragglers I will share them with you here. Stay tuned for a new swap announcement - coming sometime soon! 


Leslie said...

I LOVED this swap and I haven't even gotten my goodies yet. Lenna, you're a hero for getting out so quickly. I had never even heard of Mail Art before this, altho I had decorated an envelope here and there over the years. To find out it was a 'thing' was totally cool and I've been on an envelope binge ever since. Can't wait to hear what the next swap is. If it's something my relatively meager artistic abilities can handle, I'm in! Thanks, Lenna!

arts4all said...

You are an arts hero! I loved hearing how you made your rounds to the different the PO's. Your personal touch and involving non-swappers in what we have been doing has greatly enriched the scope of the experience. Likewise, I have enjoyed reading what the other swappers have said about the reactions of their postal carriers. Art really is 4 all...... Can't wait to see my envelopes and the one you made to send them in!!

Joanna said...

Lenna, you have done a fantastic job organizing this wonderful swap - THANK YOU! I know you say we paid for it, but you provided that superb information booklet and are also paying for postage around the world, so I think we have more than got our money's worth!

Looking forward to seeing what the next swap is all about,



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