Friday, December 3, 2010

one more day

I am anticipating a few more sets of mail art to be completed and there is just one more day till the deadline! I am waiting for 1 more from: Vicky M, Karen, Christine, Nadia in France, and Siri in Norway. Their sets are truly complete, as the one I am waiting for is an extra 4th piece, but I want to see if I can wait and upload everything they did together when all their mail is here. Except for Karen - I already uploaded her 3 envelopes and then I found out another was coming! I am also waiting for 2 more from Yvette, Lynda and Marianne. There are some envelopes that I'm not sure about if they are coming or not, but I will see what happens with tomorrow's mail. If I have to, I will give the mail another day or two grace. I don't like to extend deadlines because I do not think it is fair to the participants who get their swap pieces here on time, but . . . on the other hand I think being flexible is good! So that's my story!

My son Decklin is visiting us with his girlfriend Tina, but they are 29 and 28 so they are quite independent and understand when I need to slip off and scan some mail art! They also were interested in my nature printing session this morning when I created the remaining envelopes I needed for this swap. When I was done I counted ALL I had made and believe it or not it was 53 envelopes! Some people would think, oh MY! That was a lot to do, but I did them in batches and I loved doing this. I am so proud to be sending your returns home in a mail art envelope I have created myself!!! Here is a peek at this morning's session. I am going to upload more photos later to my flickr account and maybe write about it on my art blog so check there later if you like this.

I will be back tomorrow with the news, all the mail art news!
; ^  ) lenna

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