Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sneak peek

For a sneak peek at Frieda Oxenham's gorgeous Vintage note cards, please visit her blog! Her cards are really spectacular and are sure to inspire you! Thank you, dear Frieda. I can't wait to receive them and will share them in full when they get here!  :  ^ ) lenna


Joanna said...

You see, I now wish I hadn't looked because they are, of course, so gorgeous! Mine will seem very poor relations by contrast.

Oh well.........


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Not to worry . . . yes, I too agree Frieda's note cards are exceptional, but do not let that convince you that yours will not pass muster! Joanna, you have a wonderful style, especially with vintage art so i do not doubt you will produce something wonderful!!

I always get people nervous when i share the first few completed swaps . . . but my advice is to just plunge in and do your thing. Believe me, it will be wonderful. I know this is true from hosting many swaps and seeing tons of gorgeous pieces from everyone!!

friedaquilter said...

I for one, am sure yours will be great, Joanna, and thanks so much for your kind comment!
My notecards went in the mail to you today, Lenna! So hopefully they will reach you early in 2011.
And can I just say I can't wait to see the exciting swaps I know you will produce for the New Year!


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