Wednesday, December 8, 2010

something more in my mail??

Yes, something more! I only opened a few of the extra envelopes at the beginning of the mail art swap, Frieda's, Elaine's and Sarah's. (click on their names to view their enclosures). Then I decided to stop, because I knew it would be too much work for me if I opened all the envelopes with something inside and scanned all the insides and all the outsides, for each participant.

Well! The swap is done and sent on it's way. So, today I sat down and had fun going through all the extra mail art I received. Thank you so much!!! Some of it did have something inside the envelope. The choice was yours to include something or not and either way was fine. I will share what I found inside below! You can click on the picture for more detail.

Linda Freeman, Washington, USA - Stuff to play with  :^)

Christine Carino, California
Christine hand drew the warbler on the right and enclosed a tag.

Vicky Martindale, Michigan - A lovely postcard

Marilyn Butler, Missouri - A postcard and a link (back)

Sharon Walworth, Rhode Island - Hand made paper

Sharon Walworth, Rhode Island - Collage goodies

Leslie Sowden -California - Copies of special postcards

Sue Emmerson, Australia - Copies of Australian images & a lovely tag

Sabine Schneider, Germany - A mixed media card

Barbara DeLisle, Florida - A postcard on the same theme

Teri Calia, California - A postcard featuring her art
and some fun patterned tags

Crystal Gafa, Utah - A fabric postcard to match the envelope! 

Thank you all so much. That was an extra treat finding those goodies! Now try to be patient while your mail art swap pieces make their way to you  . . . . 

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